Clyde Garland For Brazos County Judge

Contact Information
3100 Rolling Glen; Bryan, TX 77807
979-779-1775, let ring 7x to leave a message.


Interview by John Elkins

John: How did you become Libertarian? Clyde: I realized I was libertarian in 1980, 3 am, from a long TV ad by Ed Clark, a Libertarian, for President. I disagreed on several issues, but realized that I was 70% libertarian.

Until then, I tended to vote Republican. I only agreed with Republicans 40% of the time and Democrats 30%. In 1980, I realized I had a better choice, a Libertarian choice. I was already 70% libertarian, because I rejected many things I was taught (indoctrinated) by my public (socialist) schools and by the media.

It took me another 10 years to become 100% libertarian. One of the hardest indoctrinated myths I had to break was that our War on Drugs was a good thing. I now know that it has done WAY more harm than good. Worse, all drug laws by our federal government are unconstitutional.
John: Why run for office? Clyde: Why run, since Libertarians cannot win a partisan race?

It is the most effective way to promote Liberty.

There is a BIG disconnect between how our Reps vote and what Voters believe.

Worse, 90% of all federal laws and 50% of state laws are unconstitutional. All government officials have taken an oath to "support" the US Constitution. Our Reps do not "support" the US Constitution, per their Oath. So, the best thing we Voters can do, without having a very good understanding of how our Rep voted, is never vote for an incumbent. This does not happen, because incumbents are almost always (90%+) reelected. We should never vote for incumbents base on what they say, but how they vote.
John: What do you see as the issues? Clyde: The biggest issue is we are becoming a socialist country because our socialist public schools are pro socialism.

There are two opposing philosophies : Socialism vs Freedom. Socialism has many names with the most extreme form ever tried on a large scale being Communism: "Each to work according to their ability and receive according to their need." They are great sounding words; the problem is it does not work. The biggest problem is that it requires a huge Government to decide what our abilities and needs are, and how to balance the two "for the Greater Good. It boils down to increasing our collective ability to fight Wars while serving the "Greater Good" of whomever is in charge.

Freedom has only one philosophy/definition per our US Constitution: "We have Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." We only have these Rights as long as we respect the equal Rights of others. This requires a very small Government that only gets involved when someone takes a Right from another.
John: What would you like to accomplish? Clyde: To do what I just did. State as best as I can to as many as I can the advantages of being Free to live our Life as we choose, which can only happen if we have a very small Government. Right now we live our Life as Government allows. Must of us recognize that we live better than almost all who came before us. Many of us wrongly think this is because of Government. We live better in spite of Government, not because of it. We live better because of innovation and production not because of Government.
John: How can we help? Clyde: How can we (Jeff, Jim, you and others) help?

You already have.

Jeff is Chair of BzLP, so I can run for local Office.

Jim maintains the BzLP's website, so I can post to it.

You have asked me questions to post.

Others can help by voting for Libertarian candidates at ever opportunity.

What about my County Judge race?

It is not important, I will not win.

But here are a few things that may be of interest: