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NEW Election Research - Clyde's Collection of Brazos County Political Candidate Liberty Score

Clyde Garland sent the Political Candidate Liberty Score Quiz to a number of candidates on the ballot in Brazos County. This link is to a PDF file with his collected results: Brazos November 2022 Candidate Liberty Score Report


Governor - Mark Tippetts

Lt Governor - Shanna Steele

Attorney General - Mark Ash

Comptroller Of Public Accounts - V. Alonzo Echevarria-Garza

Railroad Commissioner - Jaime Andres Diez

Supreme Court Place 3 - Tom Oxford

US House Texas District 10 - Bill Kelsey

State Senate district 5 - Tommy Estes

State Representative District 14 - Jeff Miller

Brazos County Judge - Clyde Garland

Brazos Justice of the Peace 2 - Bailey Cole

Candidates at Crestview Terrace, 10/17/2022, event

(back) Wes Benedict, Joshua Benn, Bailey Cole, Mark Tippett, Jeff Miller, V. Alonzo Echevarria-Garza, Andrew Amelang
(front) Jaime Diez, Clyde Garland